Dillon Exner



— Visual Communications

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Dillon Exner adjusting video camera.


My experience includes serving as a Post Production Assistant on a feature film shot in Cleveland, field and post-production work on videos for large Greater Cleveland companies and organizations, and studio work for approximately 250 live news broadcasts.

I have assisted with local film productions. And I also do print graphics design and website maintenance coding.

Additionally, in obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Visual Communication Technology — with an emphasis in video — from Bowling Green State University, I gained professional experience during three Co-Ops over four semesters.

WKYC Studios — September 2021 to Present

Local TV news station in Cleveland, Ohio

Production Assistant — Duties include:

Cherry — October to December 2019

Russo Bros.-directed film produced by Big C Productions

Post Production Assistant

Stevens Strategic Communications (Westlake, OH) — Summer 2014, June 2015 to 2021

Digital communications company catering mainly to businesses and organizations in the Cleveland area and regionally.

Creative and Video Account Coordinator — Involved in video production and graphics design work for leading Greater Cleveland companies in various sectors, including financial, manufacturing, and nonprofit (2014 was Co-Operative Education)

Sangin — February 2018

Produced by Cuyahoga Community College Student Production Office as culmination of Intensive Film Crew Training Workshop
Premiered April 4, 2019 at Cleveland International Film Festival

Art Department Production Assistant

Hope en Route — January 2021

Produced by Des Waz Here Productions

Assistant Director Production Assistant

The Simple Path — February 2019

Produced by Cuyahoga Community College Student Production Office

Office Production Assistant

This Is Not a Dress Rehearsal — July 2018

Produced by Right of Way Productions for 48-hour Film Project

Data Wrangler

The Key — July 2017

Produced by Szego Films for 48-hour Film Project

Editor and Title Designer

Also slated and sorted clips by scene and take

The Jackpot — April 2017

Produced by West 10G Productions

Camera Operator

BG24 News - Bowling Green State University — January 2012 to May 2015

Bowling Green State University's on-campus television station, which broadcasts nightly news and public affairs shows throughout Wood County

Watt Printers-Mail Marketing (Cleveland, OH) — Summer 2013

Digital printing company catering mainly to businesses in the Cleveland area and regionally

Marketing Analyst and Design (Co-Operative Education)

BGSU Honors Program (Bowling Green, OH) — 2012 to 2013

Bowling Green State University program designed to further intellectual thought processes and challenge students

Marketing Assistant (Co-Operative Education)

Cleveland International Film Festival — March to April 2017, April 2018, March 2019

Annual film festival held in Cleveland, Ohio

Duties included counting, collecting, and passing out ballots, scanning passes, counting passholders, and tearing tickets

Greater Cleveland Film Commission — December 2016

Organization dedicated to increasing media production in Northeast Ohio

Hallway and closing duties at Behind the Camera Gala featuring Tom Hanks